which one? help please?

Posted: January 8, 2013 • 8:07 PM
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  5. canofwolves answered: go with the white
  6. lonelyuniquely answered: the black !
  7. we-can-be-heroes answered: The black one !
  8. bloodyjj answered: Black!
  9. stay-together-for-the-kids-182 answered: black ones
  10. cheskasue answered: defo black
  11. loveremainunspoken answered: i think black
  12. lovelyscumly answered: black and white
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  14. bubble-scum answered: both!
  15. homelessvegans answered: IM A GUY, I LIKE THE BLACK ONES! I HAVE THEM
  16. calabarriopedro answered: black ones!
  17. arrikay answered: left
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  20. hamburg3rfac3 answered: The short white ones …I own the black ones and they might look to “Lady like” on a man
  21. tainted-l00ve answered: blaaaaack <3
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  26. porcelainbonez answered: Either way I’d go with a four inch! And depending on what color cltohes you wear most. For me I wear black so I’d get the black ones.
  27. kawaiitill-idie answered: I love my white ones. But you can do a lot with the black ones, Look deep inside your heart(closet) and see what goes with what.
  28. looking-away answered: the black ones
  29. natureisalanguaje answered: white
  30. oxgildedbutterfliesxo answered: Left one.
  31. bust-a-m0ve answered: I love the tall black ones, and im a guy also
  32. a-n-i-b-a-l answered: black
  33. glowing-shadows answered: if you’re a guy, get the black
  34. between2w0rlds answered: both!!!
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    The white ones would be cooler.
  36. jolilockette answered: black and white creepers
  37. lilli-aimee answered: left
  38. ughhstop answered: the white. they would be easier to walk in and clean. also, they would still match everything
  39. a-life-of-broken-dreams answered: left, but both are beautiful so really i say both :p
  40. jiero answered: white creepers :3